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Whether by product or by tool, AmericaFirst wants to help YOU - the Investment Professional.

In conjunction with the AmericaFirst Portfolio Optimizer, we offer the AmericaFirst Risk Assessment Calculator to help you gauge the risk profile of your clients and/or prospects.  The Risk Assessment Calculator is more comprehensive than many risk tolerance questionnaires in that it asks behavioral questions in addition to the standard questions to which we have all grown accustomed.

Completing the following assessment questionnaire in its entirety will allow you to better evaluate your client’s risk profile.

A total score will be displayed at the end. Compare this score to the legend below to determine the risk level of the investor.  You can utilize the risk level in our Portfolio Optimizer when designating a specific risk benchmark or target standard deviation.

Scoring Legend:

1-25 = Conservative | 26 - 50 = Moderately Conservative | 51 - 75 = Moderate | 76-100 = Moderately Aggressive | 101 = 125 = Aggressive