If a company is confident to buy itself, shouldn't we?

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The AmericaFirst

Large Cap Share Buyback Fund

Built on the premise a Company's insiders know more about their own company than any Wall Street analyst...

The AmericaFirst Large Cap Share Buyback Fund

Share buyback stocks have under-performed the last three years...now may be the time for these stocks to rebound.

Buybacks Have Outperformed...​

The following chart shows the out-performance of companies that have purchased their own stock versus the S&P 500 Index. 

AmericaFirst Buyback Chart.jpg

Source: Ford Equity Research.  Chart represents the growth of $10,000 from 1/1976 - 4/2021.

Most large cap funds are the same - just look at their top 10 holdings.  The Large Cap Share Buyback Fund gives you the opportunity to diversify your large cap allocations.

Rick Gonsalves